Super Hackathon at BlackBerry Jam Americas Begins Today

BlackBerry Jam Americas is all set to begin today & this will certainly a big day for us! Super Hackathon is going to be held in San Jose Convention center between 25 September to 27 September 2012 and you can just feel the vibrant atmosphere with developers , researchers , BlackBerry lovers, Media personnel etc (just in case I missed anyone…) are equally excited about this event. The Streets around San Jose Convention Center are filled with BlackBerry Jam signs, and you can easily see the developers and media all around. Although the even officially starts today but Research in Motion is planning to start things early with BlackBerry Jam Sessions, known as “Super Hackathons”.

These types of sessions are generally Application building, where developers get an opportunity to work with the experiences one and vice versa and with the interaction and team work and support they try to create unique applications all in 1 day. RIM has always provided the best environment for working & help for developers to put together the high-class application that you will definitely be featuring on your BlackBerry 10 (What more do you want?). RIM in these type of BlackBerry JAM sessions provides personal attention with one-on-one support, coffee, breakfast, pizza (every thing you want to eat & even Red Bull) to make developers feel like home and help them as they create some fantastic future BlackBerry applications.

So you must be thinking what is there stored in for developers? Don’t worry as Developers are eligible to win some cool prizes for the application they have created at the end of the hackathon which will be selected by the jury and that’s not all your application will also get a chance to get featured in the BlackBerry 10 as well.  These BlackBerry JAM sessions are practical approach to developer support by RIM. Making the application development procedure easy helps developers to produce apps faster & innovative which is ultimately beneficial for BlackBerry users. As for the developers, RIM is planning to reward these developers for their hard work so as to motivate them and keep them stick with them to update & even for producing new apps for BlackBerry Smartphones.  We are way too eager for these astonishing apps for BlackBerry that will be surfacing from this super hackathon in San Jose! Keep Connected with us and we’ll provide you all the important updates.

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