Upgrade BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS Officially from ATT

Update your BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphone to OS7.1.0.694 and this OS is officially being launched by ATT.This will be the first time as per my knowledge that RIM has certified any OS above7.0 and since ATT released this OS version of (that means our device have got a new OS version of 7.1 for the first time) so what are you waiting for check your Smartphone OS and if it’s the older one install this Operating system soon to enough the complete efficiency and effectiveness of this OS on BlackBerry Bold 9900. Since this Operating System version has just been released, so we don’t know about the changes in this OS but as usual few tweaks, enhanced support, increased efficiency. If you don’t know how to check the OS version your BlackBerry Smartphone is working on or even learn how to install OS on your BlackBerry device by just clicking on the link below.

Note: Please take a backup of all your important data just incase something went wrong during installation, you can relax as all your important data has a backup.

Recently Telefonica has also released an update for BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS7.1.0.658 which is obviously not the latest one as we compared this OS by ATT, but none the less as this is completely your choice which OS to install as an updated OS will always provide better result as compared to the older one.  Meanwhile you might be interesting in reading about:

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