Halloween Special – Prank Game for BlackBerry PlayBook

Halloween is almost around the corner and what can make it more fun? Yes Playing pranks on friends and family always have been there in mind and I tried every possible way to scare them (Yes, got scolded many times – but courage is still there to prank), what makes me happy is the faces they make and their reactions, sometime I record that too (should stop here – old days memory ….). So the best part is this we have got a Halloween Special Game designed for our BlackBerry Playbook.

This new application is developed by Lunars Edge Design known as Scary Prank Game. This game is intended to entice the prey into concentrating on this bogus game, which ultimately has twists into a big fright and shock. Become the exclusive prankster that takes pleasure in scaring the crap out of your friends, or enemies. This game is offered for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet running on Operating System 1.0 or higher. Although this is a premium game and have to be purchased before using. Scary Prank Game costs $0.99 from BlackBerry App World for your Playbook.

Download : The Scary Prank Game

How to use:

  • Open the application (Turn the volume to 100% – For better results)
  • Click on “Start Game” to start prank game
  • Handover the tablet to your prey & ask them to beat your high score

Note: The Scary Face pops up after 4th try and save your device (it can be broken or thrown away).The most important thing please don’t try prank with heart problems or patients or small kids.

Download this game on your BlackBerry Playbook and the scary Pranking Power is all yours. Meanwhile you might be interesting in reading about:

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