Upgrade BlackBerry Bold 9900 OS Officially from Telefonica

Telefonia has released an official Operating system which is the latest version available till now for your BlackBerry Bold 9900. Since this is an official OS update, you need not to worry before installing this updated Operating System. BlackBerry Bold 9900 - Black & white

Are you using BlackBerry Bold 9900? There is good news for you because Telefonica has just released an official OS for your BlackBerry Bold 9900. All you have to do is to check the Operating System on which your BlackBerry Smartphone is running (If you don’t know how to check, then click on the below link to learn this trick) and if it is the old OS (which is most likely to be happen) then first download the Operating System (link given below) and then Install this OS on your BlackBerry Smartphone (Click on the link below to learn how to install OS on BlackBerry).

Last month we also received an updated OS from Claro Republica Dominicana for our BlackBerry Bold 9900, but Telefonica has released an OS, so choice is your but be sure to keep a backup of all your important data before updating the Operating system of your BlackBerry Smartphone.

We don’t know about the changes as there was no alter log released, but as always we can expect some bug fixes with lots of enhancement in terms of efficiency and effectiveness overall in the smartphone functions and likewise. We will advised you to download this Operating system and install this on your Smartphone and feel the difference but be sure to tell us anything & everything you find in this official OS upgrade.

We want this space to thank you all for sending in your feedback and opinions which are helping us to get forward and present something best to you through this website. Please feel free to drop in your comments or for more updates you can follow us on all major social networking website (links given below).We are here to prove that BlackBerry is still the best and always will be !

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