BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Service Pack 1 Released by RIM

RIM is soon going to liberate Pack 1 of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Service after an official announcement, this will endow with supplementary features for both BlackBerry Playbook &Tablets running on iOS. Associations supervising iOS devices will see augmentations in the patterns of various services like Wi-Fi, VPN & ActiveSync across various devices, & the capability to administer the allocations of applications.

This update will also organize businesses for running BlackBerry PlayBook tablets with an forthcoming update of the PlayBook Operating System. After the release of this software update for BlackBerry PlayBook, associations with BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will take advantage from its features which will include Over The Air enrollment & configuration, device encryption & Authentication based on certificate with Microsoft Exchange. Research In Motion after releasing the Service Pack 1, is looking forward to expand the accessibility of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion to a further thirty seven (7) countries for a sum of Eighty One (81) countries.

Click Here : To obtain more information in a detailed manner about Mobile Fusion Service Pack 1 directly from an official BlackBerry Business blog.

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