Upgrade BlackBerry Torch 9850 OS Officially from China Telecom

Are you a BlackBerry Torch 9850 Smartphone user? Then you would be happy to know that there is an OS upgrade available for your Smartphone totally free of cost, this time China Telecom has formally released BlackBerry Torch 9850 OS which is totally certified so you don’t have to worry before installing. If your device is already running on this OS ( version) then there is definitely no need to reinstall the same version. You can click on the links below if you want to download this OS version, Don’t worry if you don’t know on which OS your Smartphone is running or even you don’t know how to install the OS on your BlackBerry device then be relaxed and click on the links below

Few months ago there was another certified update of Operating system of BlackBerry Torch 9850 by Sprint. Click to read more about this OS upgrade of BlackBerry Torch 9850 OS Officially from Sprint. Although this is more recent upgrade by China Telecom and higher version and we expect some vital changes like less loading time , better battery consumptions and some bugs fixed and much more. So what are you waiting for? This upgrade is free of cost & by updating the Operating system of BlackBerry Torch 9850 you will certainly feel the difference, just keep some points in mind like to create a backup of all your important data before upgrading because your all data will be formatted and if you’ve the backup you can always restore when in need. However remember to revert us back after upgrading your device so that other users can get to know what can they expect before upgrading Operating System of BlackBerry Torch 9850.

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