Free Trail of Pacemaker for BlackBerry PlayBook


Pacemaker application was released worldwide for the BlackBerry PlayBook after the BlackBerry World summit few months back; earlier this application was available for full price at $19.99 or $4.99 for the lite version.

This application is certainly good news for would-be DJs as Pacemaker applicationis now available on BlackBerry App world as a free trial as well. The interesting thing is that there are no boundaries to this free version that means you can try this application as per your content using every bit of its functionality that too in the trail mode. This is made available to all the BlackBerry fans to try out all of the astonishing and remarkable features for an entire 2 weeks in a row before they will be prompt back for purchase if they want to continue the use of this application.

Features of Pacemaker :

  • Auto beat match – Instantaneously synchronies tempo & phase of 2 tracks by clicking on the SyncButton.
  • Scratch – Place the pine needle on the record & scrape like the Professional.
  • Time stretch – Modify and adjust the tempo of any track ± 100% without disturbing pitch
  • Pitch pace – Change track tempo ± 100% & pitch ± one octave in equivalent.
  • Pitch bend – Push a track into phase.
  • Loop – Produce harmonized loops on the fly; set, split & alter in-point or end-point, exit loop & re-loop.
  • Loop travel – Run Loop travel to listen funky noise loop roving with sound wave.
  • Reverse – Flip playback track
  • Cue play – Play track from cue point & relapse to cue point when let go cue button.
  • Set cue point – Look for & classify initial point of a track with accurate control.
  • DJ pause – A stumble micro loop allows to listen, search & put cue point.
  • FX – Insert & control audio outcome Hi-cut/Lo-cut ± 1.0.
  • Beat FX – Add and alter 2 parameter audio sound effects Echo & Roll to dry/wet + 0–100% and Beat at 1/8-8, and Reverb to dry/wet & size to + 0–100%.
  • Kill-all – Instantaneously mute or re-engage stimulated audio sound effects.
  • Track EQ – Temporarily regulate equalization of loaded tracks.
  • Crossfader – Enthusiastically adjust the production intermingle between the two channels.
  • Split output – Rip output & hear one track in the headphones while an additional track is from the speakers. Requirement – Griffin DJ Cable.
  • Headphones Crossfader – Vigorously regulate what channel mix to listen.
  • Halt – Pause the whole thing & carry on when ready.
  • Master headphones volume – Regulate volume for headphones output.
  • Gain – Provisionally regulate gain level of loaded track.

Click: To Download Pacemaker for the BlackBerry PlayBook

For more information or to download this Pacemaker Application you can click on the above link. You might also be interested in reading about

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