RIM Organizes BlackBerry Jam Session Hackathons in Brazil !

RIM is trying to get all the attention and building relations among developers through out the globe through BlackBerry JAM sessions and interacting with them, now BlackBerry Jam session hackathon is going to be held in Recife, Brazil and RIM is prepared to host ample of such sessions. They’ve set up an entire schedule of dates for different regions and are appealing to anyone & everyone to come attend, even if interested to join in just for fun.

Developers are very well aware what a hackathon is but for rest of the people, here is a summary :

A Hackathon is an event where you are free to work on or “hack” your several unique application ideas for hours & code your application in just 1 day. People can meet various delegates from the industry, tech experts etc so it is easy to socialize as well. That is not all as everyone will be getting good food & drinks. It’s the occasion to work on your thoughts to somewhat real & exciting. In the end, panel of judges will decide on the winners for each group, & each winning team will be given some great prizes.

You read it right – It is a place with ample of learning opportunity with a group of developers learning from each other &from some professionals from their fields. (Food was amazing with Pizza & redbull) At the Recife, Brazil, this session lasted for more than 10 hours and at the end of this event in total there were 16 applications were completely ready to be publicized.

So if you’re a developer planning to create a BlackBerry 10 application using HTML, C++, Adobe AIR, Cascades, or Java/Android then this is the place – BlackBerry Jam sessions hackathon is where you should be. As already mentioned above , RIM is all set up to host such events on a regular basis to create a bonding between developers for some times, so what are you waiting for click on the link below to learn more about BlackBerry Jam Sessions Hackathons.

Click Here: To Learn more about BlackBerry Jam Sessions Hackathons

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