Future Scheduler application for BlackBerry Smartphones

Are you too forgetful? Ever forgot to send an important text message or even an important email? May be u remembered it till the last time and was just waiting for a perfect time and later it just slipped off your mind. Forget to make a vital phone call? Wishing anniversaries, birthdays and such important stuffs are really important. I’m sure that most of the answer of these questions would be yes, and this is not your fault as over life has became over complicated and a hectic schedule adds to it, forgetting stuff is just really ok, just don’t make it a habit.

Isn’t that would be great if we could send all the important text and emails automatically at the desired time by scheduling them? Appsicum has come to your rescue with Future Scheduler Application and it is compatible on BlackBerry Smartphone. So, next time you need not to panic as you can just schedule all your important text message and even emails about significant business meeting or wishing someone etc as by using Future Scheduler Application you could do all these things systematically and in a less complicated manner. It will certainly help you to focus on various other important things to do in life.

Forget all those sticky notes and reminders you used to remember all the important stuffs and use this Future Scheduler Application to schedule all your wishes, business proposal etc for a future date and time and relax.  Computerize the frequent events & responsibilities from BlackBerry Smartphone. To Schedule Phone Call, Text Message ore even Emails for a future date and time to get relieve from all those organizers & diaries.

Future Scheduler Features

  • Synchronizes with calendar
  • Create alerts
  • Import contacts from Facebook
  • Templates for text & email
  • Several recipients for text & email
  • Snooze for reminders
  • Records of scheduled actions
  • Recurring events – once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Instinctive & user friendly interface
  • Update your Twitter and Facebook status
  • Combines with phone book and permits to include addressee expediently.

Click Here to Download

Although this Application is a premium application so if you need to use this application you’ve to pay $1.99 only. Meanwhile you might also be interested in reading about

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