Download Premium Version of Angry Farm for BlackBerry for Free

Smarter Application is celebrating their unique achievement as they have reached a milestone of acquiring 10 million BlackBerry users. So isn’t this the right time to celebrate? Yes that is why Smarter Application is providing their premium version of Angry Farm totally free of cost only a limited period of time. Prior to this only the trial version of this game was available free of cost, in which the worst part was the user can play up to only 3 levels but now the good part is this premium game “Angry Birds” is available free of cost and user can play all the 250 levels without any restriction.

I want to inform you one more thing that this game is working perfect but there are annoying ads in the game, but who cares it is certainly a rip off and they are providing this premium game for free so a little revenue by ads is totally justified. If you are one of those few users that get annoyed easily with the ads in game very easily and want to get rid of them you can still get a Full Ad Free Version of this game for $2.99 only, now the choice is your.


Although many user still consider it as a copy of Angry Birds, which is a little bit of truth as theme is same but with complete different user experience and interface and with 250 levels it is sure to bound you with its spell and soon you’ll be one of the admirer and as this game is free what is the harm in trying ? One this is for certain and that is my advice, if you are not having this game on your BlackBerry Smartphone than you should head over to BlackBerry App world and download this game “Angry Farm”. Also remember this is the Premium game and is only available for free download for a limited period of time. Not to forget – Congratulations on the success of Smarter Application and we really appreciated your efforts and providing this premium game free of cost is a nice way to say that you care. Click on the below links to get further information about the game and even download them while reading the reviews straight from the BlackBerry App world.

Click Here to Download Premium version of Angry Farm Free of cost

Click Here to Download Ad-Free version of Angry Farm for $2.99

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