Learn how to check your Wireless Connection Speed on BlackBerry Smartphone

Have you suffered low download or browsing speed at times and wanted to run a speed check to know, so good news for all my readers Fancy Apps has created an application to make our work easy. This application is called Fancy Speed Test and it’s totally free so you need not to worry, just download and install this application and keep evaluating your device wireless speed in style and in few easy steps.

Open BlackBerry App World on your BlackBerry Smartphone and search for “Fancy Speed Test” application, and then download this application on your Smartphone. Although this application is free but it certainly works great.


After downloading and installing, open the application

User will spot some options in Transport.


Users can opt for BIS for BlackBerry HSPA+ speed, or even Wi-Fi for the wireless connection speed to router.  User can also try out with the alternate choices of server, and try selecting the server which you suppose is close.  After selecting the server for calculating the speed, just press “Begin Test“.

The speed test of Fancy Speed Test” application will calculate the Ping, download & upload speeds of user’s BlackBerry device and then exhibits the results for you. If you are using any different type of application for calculating Wireless connection speeds please share with us and with your this effort everyone will be benefited. Users are also welcome to share their network speeds here and we expect and appreciate this type of motivation from our readers. What is your network speeds? For me the speed went upto a max of 12 Mbps which i think is descent enough what about you ?

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