Learn how to connect BlackBerry PlayBook 4G to LTE or HSPA+ Networks

If you are few lucky one to grab one of the BlackBerry Playbook 4G LTE than you may be astonished to know that you can have 2 kinds of “4G” data connections available that you can connect to your Playbook and access it. Both LTE & HSPA+ connections are categorized under “4G” connections, and you can decide which “4G” connection best fits you or alternatively you can let PlayBook decide which connection suits you the best.


This LTE technology is totally new and at present this technology is available on BlackBerry Playbook and RIM is also planning to release this technology on BlackBerry 10 Smartphones which are bound to be released next year. LTE connections offers super-fast connectivity and you must be surprised to know they can uphold regular speeds of upto 22 Mbps, and can go up to a maximum of 45 Mbps on selected networks. Which means you can download a complete song or application that too under a second! Although this network is new so there are few places this connection in available like in big cities, so you can decide accordingly.

Steps to connect BlackBerry Playbook to 4G LTE network:-

  • Open the Settings option
  • Select Mobile Network choice.
  • Check and make sure Data Services are on.
  • Alter Network Mode to 4G LTE.
  • It’s done now you can close the Setting menu.



Another type 4G connection available in BlackBerry Playbook is HSPA+. This is the same data connection which is found in BlackBerry 7 smartphones, even though this connection is generally slower than that of LTE, but it is much more prevalent and having adequate data transfer of upto 6-11 Mbps.  If you are not having LTE network connectivity HSPA+ is the network you can rely upon.

  • Open the Settings option
  • Select Mobile Network choice
  • Check and make sure Data Services are on
  • Alter Network Mode to 4G
  • It’s done now you can close the Setting option

And if you are having concern about the availability or not sure of having LTE data access, i’ll suggest you to keep it on “automatic” and let BlackBerry Playbook choose the best available option for you. For selecting the automatic option, Go to Mobile Network options in settings, and change the Network to 4G & 4G LTE. BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE will find out and compare for each of 4G signals & selects the excellent network for you automatically, which will help you stay connected by means of the best connection accessible!

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