BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE vs The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 vs iPad vs Kindle Fire

With all that gadgets boom in the market, every now and then there is a mobile launch or tablet or even computers. Individuals tend to get confused as there are varieties of tablets offered by some big companies with the specifications & features they can’t resist. Today Berrygeeks team has come up with the comparison between the top tablets that are available in market and I’m sure the comparison in this graphic form will make a lot easier for people to choose the best tablet among the rest to get the maximum value for money.

This comparison shows the dominance of BlackBerry Playbook over other tablets that claims to be the best, but it is not like that BlackBerry Playbook has no disadvantage or lacking in something as it all depends upon perspective. Click Here to read about BlackBerry Playbook Specification and features or just check out the following image that show the dissimilarities between popular tablets like BlackBerry Playbook 4G LTE, Samsung Galaxy TAB 2 , Apple’s  iPad & Kindle’s Fire. This comparison is based upon the RIM’s Sales Battle Card.


The above chart is the comparison between the specification between the entire major tablet categories and all the features are approximately the same, but for hardcore techies may be certain specification could be more important than the other as per the requirement or may they may be inclined due to the company repo or the past performance of their earlier device but for an ordinary individual rich user experience and a good battery life is must.


The above comparison chart shows that the RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook 4G LTE is far more superior to the other platform and although it’s totally justified that RIM is having top selling applications on its QNX platform, which is the only one real time Operating system available till date. Applications and game should have variety that can attract users and individuals playing games are done with Rovio’s Angry Bird , Angry Birds space or even Amazing Alex etc even Asphalt 6 & Modern Combat 2 (Free Premium games for BlackBerry Playbook), people need Tablets that are best and which that support platforms that can run most modern startups & gaming studios. RIM is self-assured that developers will be able to magnetize associates so that whenever there is big launch of any application, it should run on BlackBerry devices.


In this Comparison chart – RIM has shown where it outperforms its competitors. This tablet has proved itself to be a specialized rank tablet. BlackBerry Playbook 4G LTE will certainly prove its point in the consumer market as well as for shareholder assurance in the company, this chart describes everything and people should go through these specifications and should pay attention to.

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