Pinterest for BlackBerry Playbook

Pinterest is an online board in the virtual world where we categorize as well as share all the interesting things we find online. There are many uses of Pinterest apart from organizing and sharing, there are many different uses and it just depends upon your imagination for example it can help in decorating house, life style, entertainment and for learning various other recipes.In recent times Pinterest has developed itself in one of the fastest growing social networking website with over 145% growth of Pinterest in first 6 weeks of this year and with over 12 million + users sharing their common interest with each other.

Uses of Pinterest:-

  • Redecorate things
  • Plan a Wedding
  • Life Style
  • Inspirations
  • Learning Recipes
  • And much more …

Now if I’m right you are equally enthusiast for about Pinterest. Although till now, there is no Pinterest Application for our BlackBerry Smartphones but fortunately, BlackBerry PlayBook users are able to run this fantastic Pinterest application in the BlackBerry Playbook that too in the Android version. Yes, you read it right (and no typo) you can run Pinterest application for android on your Playbook. Just follow these basic steps


  • Download the Pinterest .BAR file here.
  • Use DDPB to load this application.
  • Click here for tutorial on how to load Android application on BlackBerry Playbook.
  • Once the application is installed, Enjoy Pinterest on your BlackBerry Playbook

The steps are very easy and I’m sure this stepwise illustration will definitely help you load many more android applications on your BlackBerry Playbook in future. Remember to share your precious feedback after using this fantastic application or share with us which pins are you planning to add, after installing Pinterest application on your BlackBerry Playbook.

There is another android application you can check it out “Flipboard for BlackBerry Playbook”.

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