Learn how to Load Android Applications on BlackBerry PlayBook

Good news for all BlackBerry Playbook users, now you can run most of the android based applications on your BlackBerry Playbook, yes it’s true and totally legitimate. You have to “side-load” android application on your BlackBerry Playbook by the help of your computer. Just name the Android application and use it effectively on your BlackBerry Playbook, I’ve installed many applications like, Flipboard, Pinterest, Sonic, Mario Bross, Contra etc which are basically designed for android running OS tablets and I’m using them in my BlackBerry Playbook. Now you can unleash the full potential with let loose all possibilities of your BlackBerry Playbook. Read below to learn how to install/ side-load android application on your BlackBerry Playbook.

Requirement for side-load Android Applications on BlackBerry Playbook

  • A BlackBerry Playbook running on Operating System 2.0 or latest. (Click here to update BlackBerry Playbook OS)
  • Another requirement of .net Framework 2.0 or above (Click Here to update to latest version )
  • Download Java JRE from the following link ( Click Here to Download JAVA JRE for  32-bit Windows & Click Here to Download JAVA JRE for  64-bit Windows )
  • USB cable to connect it to computer.
  • Access the BlackBerry Playbook though a computer running Windows OS.

Stepwise Instructions:-

 Step 1:  Searching for a place to get Android Apps which can run on BlackBerry Playbook.

Click Here to get thousands of Free Android Applications which are especially designed for BlackBerry Playbook. Since this is just a tutorial so I will be giving a demonstration installing the indigenous Android 3D gallery for the reason that it’s an awesome application with lots of features. Click Here to download Android 3D gallery or any other Android Game so that you can test the functionality along with this tutorial. Just download it and remember to save it on your computer.


Step 2:  Install the Application Installer on computer.

First Click Here to Download “DDPB” and then install this application on your computer, don’t hesitate as this application is totally free form virus, malware or any other threat. I will also like this opportunity to thank the developer who worked really hard to come up with this application which converts this complicated process into real easy.

Step 3:  Preparing PlayBook for side-loading

Open the setting menu by swiping it down from the top bezel, then Click on the “Security” within the menu. Then click on the “Development Mode” and toggle it to development mode as “ON”.

A pop up will appear requesting you to enter the password. (Note: – try entering a simple password like 0000 or 8888 or whatever you want and keep it simple so that you don’t forget it and it is completely depends upon you). After that a dialog indicating your “Development address” will appear, just memorize it or write it down somewhere. It should be like this (yes, it will be same)

Now just close the “Settings” menu. Now you’ll see a new icon on the top right of the Playbook screen which will give appearance of a person with a gear. Don’t panic as this is a sign indicating all is going well.

Step 4:    Connecting the PlayBook to the computer

Connect your Playbook to computer via USB. There will be a prompt from BlackBerry Desktop Software asking for the password, enter the password as chosen from you in the Step 3.

Step 5: Run the “DDPB” on your Computer (downloaded in Step:2)

A popup telling you to type in your “Development address” (something like this “”) and enter where it’s demanding “Playbook IP” and just underneath it type in your password

Then Click on the “Connect” button and it will take at around 5-10 seconds and Playbook will be connected to computer, & later displaying its information.

Step 6: How to install application

 After opening DDPB window, click on “Add”.

Now open the “Gallery3D.bar” file. Now the Application name will be displayed in the primary window,

last step is to click the highlighted application name in the window, & “Install”. See the progress of the installation in a small window. (will take around 30 seconds) and after installation the application will be displayed on the main screen.

Congratulations, you’ve just side-load the Android Gallery app on your BlackBerry Playbook which was designed for Android! Open this application & see the miracle of cool 3D effects.

So what are you waiting for just install all the Android Application on BlackBerry Playbook easily. If still you are facing any problem, then please let us know we’ll be happy to help you and also provide your valuable feedback to us.

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  1. #1 by Lee Ann Hamm on December 31, 2012 - 2:32 AM

    Thanks for this tutorial on how to sideload. I managed to sideload my first app (Pinterest) using this tutorial. The only problem I had was that the DDPB Installer program would not accept the IP. However, where I clicked on the little “gearguy” at the top of the playbook and used that IP number, DDPB installer could successfully connect the playbook and the computer.

    Many thanks for this wonderful tutorial! It has been a big help!! 🙂
    Lee Ann

  2. #2 by jailbreak kindle fire 6.3 on January 6, 2013 - 5:58 PM

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for jailbreak kindle fire

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