Learn to connect and switch mobile networks in 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook

After unpacking my first BlackBerry Playbook BlackBerry Playbook 4G LTE, I found 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook is reasonably easy to set-up and I did not even take long time during setup, in short it was much more fast & simple. Even though in the beginning it was hard to place sim card inside Playbook but somehow i was able to (and for our readers it is easy – just open the sim tray placed at bottom and place the card in the tray and smoothly slide it back, that’s it and remember to turn on your mobile network) do it correctly and was connected with ease.

Still the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook  supports HSPA+ network which is integrated & LTE is not widely available in the world at present, so its better to switch of your LTE network as you don’t want you playbook to keep on searching for LTE network to connect. There are various alternatives existing to assist you to tackle with any situation, but for now just read underneath for obtaining the entire information about getting connected and learn how to enable & disable networks, just in case the need arises.

After placing the SIM card in the BlackBerry Playbook, just go to the setting options of the tablet. Click on the “GEAR” icon on the top over the right hand corner. Clicking straightforwardly on the 4G LTE symbol will also take there, when clicked two times. After entering the setting options, there will be many functions, as per the requirement and need for your network settings – it could be changed within this option.

  • Data Services: This is the place where user can switch the mobile network on & off.
  • Data services while roaming: User can permit data transfer at the same time as roaming. For  e.g, If any user is in roaming & don’t want to pay extra charges for data transfer, user have the ability to configure them to turn off involuntarily, if user for all time want a link with data services, switch them on or even if you want a prompt while entering a roaming network, this will be taken care by Playbook .
  • Network mode: There are choices of network you could get connected to also you can choose from the list to set what networks you desire to connect.
  • Network Selection Mode: This is the only option which I think should be definitely be put to automatic. Nevertheless, in such areas where there are multiple options to select between various network- user could easily change his/her network provider to swap between network provider or could search for all available network by scanning all network manually.

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