Learn to Encrypt / De-encrypt BlackBerry Device Memory and SD Card

You must be aware that BlackBerry devices are one of the safest & secure Smartphone’s ever. There is a reason why BlackBerry devices are used in US & Britain’s government as well in the police forces, but this certainly does not mean that we should be careless enough and led our important information leak in the public and which could be misused and can proved fatal for anyone.

That is not all recently UK police released an advisory to use BlackBerry Protect or you can alternatively download the NetQin  antivirus for your BlackBerry Device and can be relaxed about the virus issue. Recently Zeus Trojan was in news and which was affecting many BlackBerry device.  So don’t you want to protect all your data and personal information if your BlackBerry Smartphone gets lost or stolen? Although you can track your BlackBerry Smartphone with the help of NetQin Antivirus along with the security and trust that all your data is protected and is under the scrutiny of antivirus too.

You can also set a password for your BlackBerry Smartphone which can still help you for secure and restricted the unauthorized use of your Smartphone, but it is not enough for the complete way of securing your data. If you have vital data on your BlackBerry device you should secure your data by encrypting it to stop anyone from accessing the data in your BlackBerry Smartphones. Follow these steps to enable the encryption of your data.

 Steps of Encrypting Data on your BlackBerry Smartphone :-

1. Click on the Menu button then click on Options

2. In the Options section select Security settings

3. Select the Encryption choice (Disabled by default)

4. Click on the Encryption and select the encryption to be Enabled

5. After Enabling the encryption option a complete menu will appear.

6. You can select the memory you want to encrypt (i.e Device or Memory card)

7. Select the Strength setting you want to use for the Encryption

8. To encrypt device memory, Encrypt this service under Device Memory

9. To Encrypt memory Card, Encrypt this service under Media Card

10. Select what you want to encrypt. (i.e Contact & Media files)

11.  Once you are done save the changes and you’ll be asked for password.

12. Enter the password and relax as your data is completely encrypted.

NOTE: After encrypting the data on my BlackBerry Smartphone, I didn’t find my phone running smoothly as it was running a bit slow, so I will advice you whenever you are doing some important work try to disable this encryption option to make most out of BlackBerry device.

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