Upgrade your BlackBerry 8520 to OS Officially from Orange France


Another Operating System upgrade for BlackBerry Curve 8520, isn’t that great? This time Orange France has come up with the upgraded OS for this Smartphone with OS version and yes you can update it without any problem as this is an official release which is approved by the company. Just remember to keep a backup of all your data when updating your BlackBerry Smartphone – and if you don’t know how to install or upgrade OS on BlackBerry Smartphone click on the link below. Also click below to know the ways of checking OS of your BlackBerry Smartphone.

Download OS for BlackBerry 8520

Click Here: Learn how to update your BlackBerry OS

Click Here to check the OS of your blackBerry

 Few months ago there was also a Official OS upgrade of BlackBerry Curve 8520 to OS by Redington. Click Here to upgrade your BlackBerry Curve OS officially. Although I don’t know the difference what exactly is the major difference between the both versions. Although the upgraded OS released by Redington is looking higher than Orange France.

 Click Here to upgrade your BlackBerry Curve 8520 to OS

 Although in the changes in the updated OS could be

  • Charging Animation
  • Forward music or videos easily
  • Fast browser
  • Less Loading time

Note: The above changes are as per the feedback received by us from the user, who have installed or upgrade their OS on different BlackBerry Smartphone.

Please provide your valuable feedback with us and if you have already updated your BlackBerry device then let us know the changes or modification in this new OS over the one. Also I would love to hear from your experience on our website ? was it helpful and easy to access? do we need to change to make it more friendly or innovative please just let us know.

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