UK Police advices to use BlackBerry Protect

UK Police advices people to download and use application like BlackBerry Protect for theft prevention as well as for tracking application. This is a practical and upbeat step taken by UK police to help BlackBerry users fight the war against mobile phone theft. UK police affirmed that downloading a good application like BlackBerry Protect will help users to fight with mobile theft and a mobile tracking application just in case if the mobile is either lost or stolen it could be easily be recovered,


On the website of Hertfordshire Constabulary – an article related to this topic was published recently that if you are having such great applications like anti theft and tracking applications the likelihood of revival of the same device has significantly increased and by publishing such articles they are trying to aware people about the same.

UK police official said –

“We are educating all the Smartphone users encouraging all Smartphone owners to download same kind of application for tracking your phone down just in case it is lost or stolen and just to prevent misuse; yes, the probability is that you likely that you can get it back. Even if your Smartphone is protected by insurance company then you will surely get a replacement, but once contacts are lost and other personal information can be disturbing and can have a devastating effect.

“New applications designed for Smartphone are very helpful gear for tracking down stolen or lost gadgets & simultaneously catch scandalous individual in the act. If possessor provides information of thefts speedily enough chances are great of recovering their phones back and with criminals trapped easily and can be penalize before they have likely destroyed any of the evidence.

“These expertise with such applications can have different uses for the police force such as tracing misplaced individuals, gadgets; automobiles etc. and we would recommend susceptible individuals to steadily record their account particulars which are obligatory to get going this facility.”

Download this Application free of cost, back up your contacts, calendars and even your text messages, and remember to activate the GPS mode so that your Smartphone could be traced just in case if it is lost or stolen. Please share your feedback with us and do let us know about your opinions about the same and please tell me about your views about using this application.

Click Here to read more or Download BlackBerry Protect

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