NetQin Antivirus for BlackBerry

As per the Latest threat of viruses for BlackBerry Users definitely are looking forward for a good antivirus, now what better than a free antivirus which is providing the complete safety for your BlackBerry device. Now I’ll try to give a brief description on the added advantage of this antivirus and what more you can get and what should you expect from NetQin antivirus.


The most important feature of this application is that his antivirus program detects all the applications which are installed on your BlackBerry device along with checking simultaneously with the cloud security database for any malicious or suspicious application installed. The Battery consumption is not an issue as it uses only a optimal amount of resources moreover providing the maximum security by alerting the BlackBerry Smartphone users whenever any threat such as virus, malware or even spyware is identified. This Application is there for you by protecting mobile network and also tracks your progress while you are connected to the internet. This application is more than an antivirus program as it also contains an Anti-Theft feature, by activating this anti theft feature you will be able to follow your stolen device that too on the map.


Antivirus & Security:

* Complete scan to obstruct viruses, malware and spyware.

* Real-time security to safe guards you from viruses, malware and spyware on your Smartphone.

* Viruses record update guarantees you to get confined from viruses, malware, Trojan, spyware & various mobile security fears.

Backup & Restore:

* Backup contacts to your device memory card or even on NetQin server.

* reinstate contacts anytime you are in need as per your convenience.

* Regain contact file across any OS platform (Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Windows Phone or even BlackBerry)


* Anti-Theft feature Helps you to locate your lost device.

* Mobile security shield & privacy defense in the event of phone misplaced.

* Remotely trace missing phone either by GPS or SIM card base station, you can even have a look on a map.

* Remotely bolt phone by transferring text message with any phone.

* turn on a loud alarm to locate missing phone in close proximity, irrespective of on silent or vibrate mode.

* Remotely swab the personal information on phone to shield privacy, which includes contacts, messages, images and even memory card etc

Click Here to Download NetQin Antivirus for Free – directly from the BlackBerry App World. This is a free application so please feel free to download and use this antivirus for a while and let us know about your experience and we’ll share it with our readers.

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