Zeus Trojan Alert for BlackBerry Devices

 It was last year March 2011 when there was the report of Zeus Trojan which was affecting BlackBerry Platform, but there is a mobile version of this Trojan named ZITMO, this virus is well known for affecting and infiltrating mainly the Android devices but now there are reports from all around the world especially Europe where BlackBerry Smartphone users are facing the same threat of this virus.

Various Zitmo virus modifications or alterations have subterfuges as banking safety applications or even add-ons for safety measures. This is a whole new variant of Zitmo virus turning to BlackBerry Smartphones and effecting the banking applications. Once your BlackBerry Smartphone is affected from Zitmo virus – the application on the contaminated phone displayed as “Zertifikat” (a German word for Certificate)

When the sufferer tries to open this application- there is a pop up message displayed in German Language informing the user the installation completed successfully and also displaying an activation code for the application. Zeus Trojan is mainly designed to steal credentials of bank of online users. The earlier editions of Zitmo did this by observing SMS messages & detecting the sms that were forwarded from bank & later transferring those sms to the command-and-control machine controlled by the assailant.

 That assault was intended to avoid the out-of-band verification structures that were used by banks, predominantly in Europe, that engage the bank transferring user a 1 time password through SMS. The latest variations of Zitmo virus aren’t that particular which is not good news as they just gulp all of the inward bound SMS messages & forward them to C&C, according to an investigation of the New Zitmo variants by Denis Maslennikov, a investigator at Kaspersky Lab. As a matter of fact BlackBerry platform has never been aggressively under attack by any malware till date.

Adrian Stone, Director of Security Response for RIM said that they are conscious of the malware fear said for BlackBerry. The security principle of BlackBerry is genuine. We always have to be observant. We look at things from everywhere”, but surely this is an alarming signal for you so always be sure of downloading various applications for your BlackBerry Smartphone even when downloading from BlackBerry App World. This is the reason why we are writing this article as we don’t any BlackBerry user becoming a victim of Zitmo virus.

 So next time whenever you are planning to do banking online it will be a good idea to keep a track of all your downloads and which applications are you installing on your BlackBerry Smartphone, alternatively you can install any Good antivirus for your BlackBerry device.

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