TrueCaller – Global Number lookup and Caller ID

Isn’t that be great if you know who is calling you from any unknown number? True caller presents you an application that allows you to look for more than 600 million phone numbers globally & tell you who is calling that’s not all as it also allows you to save the name as well as address to your contact list with only 1 click.

Truecaller is an international service which can look up name & number with Caller ID (distinguish who is calling) True caller is out for BlackBerry Smartphone, Apple iOS & even Google’s Android to facilitate you to global lookup of names, addresses, social networks, & pictures, that too without a penny because its absolutely FREE! The only charge you will incur will be of Data Plan or your internet.

True Caller is one of the most interesting and reliable application that is proving to be right more than 90% of times and rest can be called bugs or errors and will definitely be sorted out by the developers soon with latest versions coming out lately. It indeed provides you the best search in the application world now a day and helps you to alert by spam callers. There is functionality where you can add them to your block list and be tension free of these spam callers.


 But the best part is that this application is totally free and is used and trusted by million of users worldwide and as per the latest data it has been downloaded over 3 million times by users world wide. True caller’s developers were getting constant feedback about users experience using this product and they are constantly being up with the updates ad bugs fixed to bring out the best in this application

 You must be wondering does although this application works perfectly on every Smartphone either on BlackBerry, Android or iOS platform,, is there any country limitations? For all your information Truecaller application works perfectly works worldwide which works on enhancing search functionality collectively with different telephone directories all over the world. NOTE: TrueCaller requires an active 3G or WiFi connection to work perfectly – although its an free application but track the data usage by this application, EDGE coverage is not supported by this application.

 My reviews – I’ll give this application 8 stars over 10. I was getting more than 90% accurate results and with the options of reverse phone number search – that means you can alternatively search from number and find out whose number it is, remember to enable this service because this is disabled by default.

 Click Here : To download or read more about this  application straight from the BlackBerry App World.

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  1. #1 by Rabiu Sharif on November 4, 2012 - 7:22 PM

    Pls my incoming calls are not showing callers’ names

    • #2 by Rahul Singh on November 4, 2012 - 10:57 PM

      Hi Rabiu, are you having your Data connection via Wi-Fi or GPRS on ? because that’s it the main requirement because that could be the only issue, please revert back after checking !

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