BlackBerry 10 features that iPhone5 owners will crave for


As you must be aware of the fact that there are lots of things going on with RIM and BlackBerry these days, the series of launches of Official OS of different Smartphones as well as for playbook then most lately launch of BlackBerry Playbook 4G LTE and again the registrations for BlackBerry JAM  opens in San Jose (25-27 September).

After able to manage to get a leaked copy of Windows Phone 8 SDK, we are looking into its functionality and applications like anything and most importantly what makes it different from other Smartphone platform and devices. We also received many feedback from our readers about the features missing from windows 8 Smartphone

There was a news recently about the iPhone 5 release date – Apple confirmed the release date for iPhone 5 which will be in the month of September this year, which is certainly a lot before the launch of BlackBerry 10 which is due to be in the market in the first quarter next year 2013 and yes it hurts a bit. It would not fair but I am quite content thinking that the features which are more in demand and much awaited will not be at the time of iPhone 5 launch – which buys a lot of time for BlackBerry 10 and we expect these all applications which are popular and yet in demand will be there for BlackBerry Device.

I was able to collect and compile a list of Applications & features that iPhone users are expecting in iPhone 5 but will not be there, but BlackBerry users don’t have to worry as these features will be there on BlackBerry10 –

  • Bedside mode – It’s not just any old version of Do not disturb but an advance feature which will keep tabs on various functions of your Smartphone while no one disturbs you when you’ve activated Bedside mode.
  • Notification Light – you must be aware of this fact that iOS flashing pixel have no match for BlackBerry LED, although Apple is working on to enhance the functionality and appearance which will make an impact on its users.
  • Multitasking – Another major issue as the switching between applications in iPhone has always been so lame and ever since Apple is working on this, although there are few possibilities of improvement in iOS6 but BlackBerry users are sure about the real multitasking of BlackBerry10.
  • 3rd Party Application support – Mostly when iPhone applications gets minimized they remains open in the background but usually after 8-9 minutes. The data gets interrupted you’ve to manually refresh each one of them which is certainly the most annoying thing with iPhone which is the major inadequacy  faced by iPhone users, unlike BlackBerry Smartphone they never have to face such problems.
  • Calendar Events Snooze – iPhone users always wanted this feature like BlackBerry instead of canceling or dismissing a complete event they power to snooze it for later time
  • No Home Button and enhanced Appearance – if you are an iPhone user you must be very annoyed with pressing the home button every time for going to the home screen, and with a better overall appearance with an updated or unique Graphic-user interface will certainly be useful.

It is a fact that many BlackBerry users have migrated from RIM’s BlackBerry to Google’s Android &  Apple’s  iPhone and they are definitely missing the BlackBerry features which are unique in their own ways and they have stand on their ground for year and are the proud Operating system because they are the oldest Operating systems that are still in use and what more can I say about BlackBerry 10 which is having everything in it and even certainly has the capability as well capacity in the features, design , application, interface etc to even beat iPhone 5, and with all new Gesture based User interface will only add on to its charm (note: This gesture based user interface is now a working successfully on BlackBerry Playbook)

In recent times RIM is working on the areas on which the BlackBerry platform always was lagging and their best reply is BlackBerry10, a complete OS with high end multitasking capacity with user interface and new featured which are unheard about (etc. gesture based application, BBM video chat etc.) All these features and applications that are on the top of the iPhone users reminds me and assure me that BlackBerry is doing something which will definitely marks its presence and will dominate the Smartphone industry once again with is much awaited BlackBerry10 which is going to be launched in the 1st quarter of 2013, the delay of the launch was the loss incurred by RIM in the earlier quarter and the increasing law suit payments could possibly be the issue, but 1 thing is for sure seeing the iPhone users craving for the above features only makes me impatient and crazy for BlackBerry10.

Please feel free to share your views or comments about anything and everything, your feedback act as a fuel for us and help us keep go on & on, Alternatively if you are facing and problem or have any query in your mind then please let us know we’ll be more than happy to sort your problem.

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  1. #1 by ruby masih on January 16, 2013 - 1:10 PM

    lovely phones i like the white one but its didnt came in any shoops so sent it soon in shoops so we can buy thank u

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