Usain Bolt proves that ” BlackBerry People Do … “

It was London Olympic 2012 and my favorite event 100 meter dash was won by Jamaican superstar “USAIN BOLT” as anticipated and winning the gold for his country. He won this race in just 9.63 seconds and hence creating a new Olympic record, many of our readers must be thinking what exactly this do to be BlackBerry anyway? But wait my friend the most interesting part is yet to come because after this event all through an interview and asked the question how he’s planning to celebrate this accomplishment then Usain Bolt replied.

“I will thank people on my BBM” Although it is just a brief of what he said you can just click below video to watch & listen to the interview of Usain Bolt after the event.

That right you heard it right as Usain Bolt – the fastest man in the world loves the BlackBerry Smartphone which has fastest keyboard with fastest messaging system in the world.

 This could be a signal for RIM which is looking for a icon promoting their BlackBerry 10 for advertising. An authentic person, doing really overwhelming things, who also uses BlackBerry Messenger to get in touch with people who are significant to him all around the world.

 BlackBerry People DO, Please do share your views about superstar using BlackBerry smartphones and is Usain bolt the best available superstar for the promotion of BlackBerry 10 will is due to be released in the first quarter of year 2013.

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