Upgrade your BlackBerry Bold 9930 to OS Officially from Verizon Wireless

Few days ago Sprint launched the BlackBerry Bold 9930 OS and now verizon wireless has also launched the same BlackBerry Bold 9930 OS I am not very sure how these two Operating system are different as both are of same version it could be only the vendor that is the difference between both, but I’ll suggest you if you had already installed the same version from sprint than try to avoid this upgrade if you are nor sure if there is some difference or if you are very sure that it is totally different (Remember both BlackBerry Bold 9930 OS versions are same OS only vendors are different and both OS are official)

Meanwhile if you’ve already downloaded and installed this version of OS for your BlackBerry Bold 9930 then please let us know your experience which will guide our readers, and if this is your first time upgrading your OS please click the link below to learn details stepwise how to install/upgrade your BlackBerry Smartphone Operating system, and just a reminder that remember to keep all the backup before upgrading your BlackBerry Smartphone OS and enjoy this Official OS upgrade from Version Wireless. Please Free to send us your feedback, complaints or even suggestions that will help us in making our blog the best.

Click Here to Download Bold 9930 OS from Verizon

Click Here to Learn How to install BlackBerry OS

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