RIM Launched GAMEPLAY version 1.4


Recently there was news that RIM is planning to apprise to their gaming expansion platform which is open source also known as GAMEPLAY – it is an improvement framework especially designed for designers or developers & which is cross platform. RIM has publicized that they’ve restructured this development platform to version 1.4.

New features in Gameplay version 1.4

  • Lua script attachments on all public crossing point of this framework.
  • Script obligatory producer instrument for producing user-defined Lua script attachments from Doxygen XML.
  • AI state mechanism for AI programming and scripting on game entities.
  • Cybernetic gamepad input provision with conventional theming by means of UI system.
  • Enhancements via NEON reckoning for mobile platforms.
  • Packed down texture backing for DXT, ATC, PVRTC & ETC1.
  • Enriched modular shades with upkeep for #include in shades & novel light map provision.
  • Enhancements & Developments to the user interface scheme for scrolling & scrollbars.
  • Pre-constructed arrangements of the gameplay encoder & gameplay-luagen implements.
  • Enrichment in animation & physics.
  • Resolutions to upkeep Maya 2012/2013
  • Layout sustenance for FBX 2013.

RIM also pronounced that gears like maintenance for corporeal gamepad involvement from Xbox 360, Wii & Bluetooth HID regulators would be soon making their way to the gaming podium in our forthcoming announcements. Up until then creators/designers/innovators can use the classifications of cybernetic gamepads but will also be competent to produce their own unification to mark the controls exclusive to their game. Inventors can grasp the entire open source system at GitHub & can pick up more about this GAMEPLAY from gameplay3d.org.

I would really like to have your views and opinion about gameplay – are you exicited equally as the developers? Our readers would be equally eager to read & go through your reviews and comments about the same. Your Feedback is equally important to us as this act as a catalyst which help us to go on & on, will be looking forward for your feedbacks.

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