How to Check Operating System of your BlackBerry Smartphone

I recently got a query from “Andy” asking how to check on which operating system his BlackBerry Storm because he was very concern to know on which OS his BlackBerry smartphone was running  and if there is another updated version available then he could update his BlackBerry Smartphone. As we are aware there are many official versions of blackberry devices in the market now a days and it is always better to take an advantage by upgrading these OS.

 There are 3 ways to check the version of your BlackBerry Smartphone OS

 1st way –

Connect your BlackBerry Smartphone to pc through BlackBerry Desktop software  and you can check the info in the My BlackBerry Device tab

(By default it opens automatically as soon as you connect)

2nd way –

 The added way is by read-through your BlackBerry Device’s “About” information.

1. Click on “Options” menu

2. Then under the options tab click on “About

3. All the device information will appear here like in this Format

  • BlackBerry Device /Model no.
  • Smartphone (Edge/WiFi)
  • And OS version  etc.etc 1 Bundle 1737 (v7.1.0.580, Platform

3rd way –

Third and the Easiest way

  • Go to your BlackBerry Smartphone inbox
  • Type myver in the message box  and after you press space  a pop displaying your BlackBerry Smartphone model with OS and build will appear .

I hope this article of mine on “how to check OS of your BlackBerry smartphone” will not just help Andy but many more BlackBerry users who are following us. If you are having any queries related to anything and everything about BlackBerry devices please feel free to ping us through any medium (facebook , twitter, pinterest or even email ) and we’ll be there for you for sorting out any problem you are facing along with the tips and techniques how to use BlackBerry devices more effectively.

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