BlackBerry Desktop Software with support for the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G

You must be aware of the rumors going on for the launch date and the cost of the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G which is not more than a week away as we are expecting RIM to put an end to all those rumors and just as we were expecting that RIM will soon end this hype but its OK as all the pieces are getting into their places which is just signaling that this suspense is soon going to be over.

The most recent update to BlackBerry Desktop Software especially designed for Mac as well as windows computer, this desktop software is readily obtainable for BlackBerry lover to download straightforwardly from the BlackBerry website with the Mac version (2.4.0 build 16) on the other hand Windows (version v7.1.0.33)

This updates supports for BlackBerry PlayBook 4G, and now if RIM is taking so much of initiative to make desktop software compatible and working for BlackBerry Playbook 4G – which is making sure that the launch date is no too far away from here.

Download BlackBerry Desktop Software

Please drop in your valuable comments about your views about the same topic and what are you expecting from BlackBerry Playbook 4G. Also i would love to hear from about your about your experience here and what changes would you suggest us?

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