GDocs For BlackBerry Smartphones


If you are inclined towards the use Google Docs on a more frequent & regular basis you may well be fascinated to know that there is developer “Parachute Mobile” who created an application in GDocs which has make its way to the BlackBerry App World and is now available for download and that too free of cost. Yes, you don’t have to pay for using this application, so just download and enjoy this application. That’s not all as there are two more version GDocs Pro & GDocs Premium so if you really like the free version I’ll suggest you to definitely at least have a look on these 2 upgraded applications. Since these are paid so obviously there will be something different or some additional feature which will be included in this GDocs Application.

At present there are 3 different versions of GDocs available on BlackBerry App World

My Review:-

Just one word – Superb Application. With all great Functions , features & interfacing all are good, to be truthful, I’m not sure what exactly are the dissimilarity between all three variant as  all the above application have almost same features which are not less than identical, making it much more complex to enlighten what exactly are the profits of the having paid versions are. I will suggest you to first download and use the free version available for GDocs for a while and if you find the use of upgrading it then you are all free to upgrade this application the GDocs Pro version will cost you $4.99 while the GDocs Premium version will cost you $5.99. To be on safer side I’m too using the free version and the User interface as well as graphical interface with really simple functioning and many features it is really a great application.

This GDocs application permits you to supervise access & even upload files and documents directly from your BlackBerry device, which will bound to convenient and really helpful for many users like us who are always on the go and need to keep in sync with important documents. Just feel free to move any document to trash if you find it inappropriate which you can recover anytime as per your requirements.


Features in GDocs include:

  • Explore & even sort your document records
  • Highlight, share & sort your documents
  • Ability to have a look on documents even in offline mode
  • Capability to download documents and save it on your BlackBerry device
  • Shift all the unwanted documents straight to the junk & even bring back those files if necessary.
  • Ability to upload documents from your BlackBerry device straight to the Google Docs.
  • Make new & fresh documents & even alter them without by means of the browser
  • Click a photo through your BlackBerry device & convert or transform the image into a text file.
  • Full display outlook of documents and file enable user for easy reading
  • Transfer your files or documents by means of Bluetooth or even email
  • Synchronize your files & documents online
  • Supports almost every BlackBerry Smartphones

 Click Here: To Download GDocs for your BlackBerry Device for Free

 Please drop in your comments below and share your feed back with us, as your feedback is the only motivating factor for us. I would also appreciate your reviews after using this application.

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