PlayCloud for BlackBerry Smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook

If you face problems every time managing your files on tablet and are eagerly searching for most excellent way to store your files on BlackBerry Playbook then your wait is over as PlayCloud is here for your rescue.

In fact we have a preference to connect our BlackBerry devices using BlackBerry Bridge & browse among different  files all the way through the File Manager than to searched on BlackBerry smart phone without help. There is always exclusion and this time there is an exception of pictures as they will automatically been shown on list by their own. The difficulty with this is that the File Manager is just merely a type of a file viewer. Although you can for sure find or even delete but there is no file management as such.

Welcome to the world of PlayCloud for the BlackBerry PlayBook as well as BlackBerry devices. As it present a much unusual & yet stimulating outlook of your personal files. This includes all records on your BlackBerry PlayBook, as well as BlackBerry smart phones. You can even add it to Dropbox as this application also has an inbuilt support for  Dropbox. In addition of all these services you can also have a look on Google Docs as well but only limited functions are support.

PlayCloud Features:

  • Browse through Local Documents
  • 2System browsing (to browse whole the file system)
  • Supports Bridge browsing (the bridge has to be enabled)
  • Support for Dropbox
  • Arrangement from swipe down menu
  • Launch the default application from the file type
  • Single or multi-select mode
  • Order quality
  • Entrenched help pages
  • Rename, produce files or directories
  • Copy, paste & shift files or directories
  • Erase records or directories
  • Show file details

PlayCloud Application provides you the alternative to make, erase, rename, copy, paste & yet moves files or directories so you can stockpile files according to your way. The application as well provides file particulars such as; file volume with date created at a glimpse.

 Usually I just skip all the introductions with tutorials and start using application and find out stuff by my own but not this time as I somehow being strong-willed to test out built-in tutorial in the beginning & I was pretty happy that i did checked it out, as it made me grateful for the arrangement & the effortlessness in use even further. The DropBox assistance can be ask for from inside the application and it takes less than a minute in total to complete all the procedure. This application is very user friendly and is really very simple to access DropBox, take hold of a file & try to move/copy it as a local file – or you can even try doing vice versa. Don’t get confused with file management; as PlayCloud gives you power file management.

To be truthful, I think uploading data to DropBox using PlayCloud application a slight fast than the usual DropBox application. Although PlayCloud is priced at $0.99 and you can download it easily from BlackBerry App World but I am sure this application will fully provide value for money.

Download PlayCloud for BlackBerry smart phones & BlackBerry Playbook

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