BlackBerry 10 Release Postpone to First Quarter of year 2013

 Release of BlackBerry 10 postpone to First Quarter of year 2013, When the question “BlackBerry 10 delayed, Why?” was asked from Rim’s CEO Thorsten Heins, the answer was enough to astonish anyone.

 Rim’s CEO Thorsten Heins said that he wants BlackBerry10 to be of the premier superiority so there will be no negotiation on quality. We could have released BlackBerry 10 as per schedule but since this will be the latest platform for BlackBerry in coming years and apart from excellence we want it to be steady and secure with reliability.

The delay is just of 2 Months and I know everyone is saddened by our decision same as our RIM team but they will carry on functioning hard & we are looking to release BlackBerry 10 by the 1st quarter of year 2013. He also added that full Touch screen devices & physical keyboard models of BlackBerry 10 will be promoted together

 Reason –

 RIM was struggling after the competition raised by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android and it’s only hope was BlackBerry10 which is so much hyped during the BlackBerry World 2012 that’s not all as since then BlackBerry JAM World Tour is on, where RIM is trying to attract all the developers to and providing BlackBerry 10 Dev alpha device.

 A loss of $518 Million incurred by RIM in just last 3 months was indeed a shock to BlackBerry World apart from this RIM declaration of 5000 job cut with delay of its BlackBerry 10 until 2013, as per the company’s earnings of 1st quarter report released on June 28 2012. Apart from this RIM is trying to cut is expenses recently RIM was planning to sell off their private jet as a cost cutting measure.

 During BlackBerry World 2012, RIM Provided hint that their BlackBerry 10 platform will be coming to market by the end of this year and the Quarter 1 loss was enough to push back its released to 1st quarter of year 2013. “RIM is certain that the BlackBerry 10 devices will offer a revolutionary next generation smart phone experience”.

This move that will without doubt harm the business, taking into consideration that contenders including Apple, Microsoft, and Google are all set for releasing their innovative mobile platforms before this year end, RIM will be at a considerable drawback. With all these hinderance, the company itself is even recognizing the barriers it is going to face in the coming year.

 As a BlackBerry lover I can only hope that all these decisions of RIM do bring some positive difference in the business and yes “BlackBerry 10 should be of worth waiting for this long” (till that time i’m sticking with my old BlackBerry till then). Meanwhile I would definitely like you know your views and opinion about this same issue. Do you think pushing back the release date of BlackBerry10 was justified? Is this a bad decision as Apple, Google and even Microsoft are releasing some new platform by this year end cashing all the holiday season. Only time will tell the answers to my all these questions.

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