Mformation wins $147.2 Million as compensation from RIM

I really sick of these law suits phenomenon these days, it seems like a trend  that has become progressively more clear that just about anybody can be knock with patent claims. Recently Nokia slammed 3 Law suits against RIM and Nokia got into it but a very old clash with Mformation Technologies next to RIM now has a judgment which didn’t turn out in favor of RIM.

It was in year 2008 when Mformation Technologies filed a law suit in opposition to RIM asserting that RIM had dishonored remote device executive patents which were held by Mformation Technologies on BlackBerry devices and just after 4 days of consideration, the panel of judges established that RIM was guilty and infringe those patents and now is accountable for $147.2M disbursement to Mformation Technologies ($8 per unit cost x 18.4Million BlackBerry devices). Mformation wins $147.2 Million as compensation from RIM is definitly hurt them  but RIM is not worrying but on the positive note the payout only include BlackBerry devices existing at the time of law suit filing, not potential or distant damages which might have potentially account for $680Million ( 78 million x $8 per unit).


Want to get more detail about this case ? not an issue click the below link to have  a look on the verdict in PDF format of this case. Also i would like to know your views about all the Lawsuits and copyright infringement claims now a days. How do you think this $147.2 Million payout will affect the RIM future plans? was this judgement fair? Does this further affect the release date of BlackBerry 10? Recently there was a news of RIM to sell their corporate jet as a cost cutting measure was RIM already aware of this payout fact? there are many questions in mind and i’m sure only time will tell us these answers, meanwhile i’ll really appreciate if you’ll share your feed back with us.

Click Here to read the verdict in Pdf format

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