Amazing Alex released for iPhone & Android – Blackberry users are still waiting

Although Amazing Alex is all set for rocking the game world on the other hand BlackBerry smartphone users and Playbook users are still waiting for this game. Rovio’s Amazing Alex is a new venture after a grand success of ANGRY BIRDS.

Amazing Alex is an astonishing innovative physics riddle game from creators of Angry birds and Angry birds space this expert kid has a endless thoughts & a place full of amusing toys that can twist no matter what into an adventure!

From clear out his room to fighting cardboard robots in his garden, Alex constructs astonishing chain reactions to complete the task with the highest quantity and quality of fun and game play! Now that Alex has some challenges for us & he needs to look at the most imaginative elucidation YOU can generate! There are 100 levels in this game with 4 different locations and as of now you’ve to purchase this game but in near future we can expect this game to be free. All the future updates to this game is free of cost and that’s not all you can create as well as share your own levels.

May be for the initial period of time Amazing Alex is priced at $0.99 for both Google’s Android devices and Apple’s iPhone/iPad/iPod but we can expect it to be released for free of cost for the Rovio’s Game Lovers.

Check this video out for have a glimpse what exactly is in this game that makes is so special to be next most awaited game after angry birds

Features of Amazing Alex –

  • 100 Levels with 4 different locations
  • Set of 35 interactive items trying to be put in action
  • Set items to pop, bounce crash & bash with each other & build Rube Goldberg gadget
  • Construct or produce your own level and share with friends
  • Full of fun & actions with numerous toys to play with
  • Share achievements with friends on social networking website

Download Links :-

For all the ANDROID users AMAZING ALEX is in paid version that means you’ve to dig in deep in your pocket for purchasing this game so the choice is yours what are you looking for …

Android Users Click Here to Download Amazing Alex

Download Amazing Alex Trail – Free of Cost for Android

For all the APPLE users AMAZING ALEX game is in paid version so you’ve to purchase this game, now the choice is yours what are you looking for …

Apple iPhone users click here to download Amazing Alex 


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