Video Chat feature in BlackBerry Messenger

Before you get too excited let me clear this YES, soon we’ll be able to see Video chat feature in BlackBerry Messenger but it will be evidently start from the BlackBerry10 device.

Many would have thought it to be evident, but in one of he General meeting of Research In Motion’s Annual, CEO Thorsten Heins confirmed the Video chat feature in BlackBerry Messenger what was the missing feature of BBM for many years and many of us were waiting to it. BlackBerry Messenger will make use of the Video Chat function. We got a peep of Video chat feature in BlackBerry Messenger in BlackBerry 10 trailer video, displaying the Video Chat function accessible while you are connected with another BlackBerry subscriber or at the same time as screening their contact details.


Please have a look on the above video which is a sneak peek of BlackBerry10 , what can we expect from it. I’m sure this is not the last additional feature in BlackBerry10, as the beta version is out of BlackBerry10 named as BlackBerry10 Dev Alpha and developers are working on it as to make this Smartphone one of the world’s best.

It will be actually fascinating to see how the video chat feature mechanism will work on BlackBerry devices. Possibly RIM is planning for numerous video chats to happen while in a group conversation? If you’re one of the proud owner of the BlackBerry PlayBook, you’ve probably by now witnessed how the Video Chat feature is going to work. I am sure that it will be very enthralling to look at BBM friend that are online & we can easily connect in a Video Chat conversation. Please drop in your comments about how you are expecting this feature to work any expectations?

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