Nokia Slams 3 more Law suits Against RIM

Nokia has further smashed 3 additional patents to a suit filed in opposition to Research in Motion in May.

These Law suits wrap the subsequent patents:

  1. EP1474750 on a “Technique & Arrangement for saving as well as transmiting multimedia tags”
  2. EP08040461 on a “Process and Equipments for updating the software of a mobile workstation by means of the air interface”
  3. EP1148681 on a “Manner for reassigning the resource details”

While this law suit is currently only in Germany as for now, & I really wish that RIM and Nokia can resolve this conflict between them this as soon as possible without any heavy damages. This shows RIM is having some bad times as the RIM recently suffered a heavy loss in Quarter 3 which pushed the BlackBerry 10 released in 2013 and then RIM selling off their private jet for cost cutting measure and now Nokia’s Law suit. It also seems like Nokia is apart from creating something uniques is concentrating on the income from patent suits as recently we all are aware when recently there were law suits against Viewsonic, HTC and RIM, but who knows it might be a  strategy which may pay in long run.

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