Best Screenshot Applications for BlackBerry Smartphones

Capturing a screenshot of your BlackBerry display has been converted into an appealing job as recently overflow of various screenshot applications which are claiming themselves to be the best. Screenshot is very basic for our Windows or MAC computers but if we wish sharing any application screen shot, or the may it be any weather prediction, or an awkward message received. Doesn’t matter what it is, screenshots applications had become a requirement on each and every Smart phone. You all must be aware of this fact that BlackBerry PlayBook comes up with a built-in screenshot aspect but, sorrowfully, smart phones developers are continuously ignoring this fact but the developers are not underestimating this requirement and there are many 3rd party application that are perfectly serving the customers needs.

 There are many rumors that Official Screenshot features will be built in starting from the BlackBerry 10 but don’t know how long we have to wait for this unique and much awaited device. Instead for time being I will be compiling some of these applications as per their interface and quality with effectiveness.

 Warning – You might like more than 1 application so don’t be confused.

 Best Screenshot Applications for BlackBerry Smartphones

  • Capture It
  • Screen Shot
  • Screen Capture
  • Screen Shooter
  • Screen Muncher

Screen Capture


Screen Capture commonly known as Screen Grabber too – keeps screen captures & alternatively you can also email to anyone if you want. Simply this application has 2 screen capture techniques accessible so you will for all time be proficient to confine any display or any applications screenshot. It is a must have application to take a photograph of your BlackBerry screen & save it for later use. Keep in .jpg or .png layout, dissimilar to different screen capture apps this application permits you to grab the screen from any set of choices in any application & if the menu is not reachable from an application you can always using a 2nd alternative method.

  Click Here to Download Full version of Screen Capture for just $0.99



Capture It is having the simplest interface among all screen capture applications, it has no complicated settings and it does the perfect job. The Best part in Capture it is that it’s totally free, so obviously this ought to be the finest alternative for people merely want to take a screenshot, no more than that.

Click Here to Download Capture it For Free




Screen Shooter is another application with the same task of taking a picture of your Smartphone screen & simply saving it into your device alternatively you can share it with your friends all the way through MMS, Email & social networking website like Facebook etc.. that’s not all you can attach a date of that screen shot, this application do supports .png and .jpeg format same as other applications with an addition of vibration and sound alert.

 Download Screen Shooter for $0.99



Screen Muncher is one of the most popular applications among BlackBerry users. This application lets you “Munch” you’re the display of your smartphone screen by capturing the current display as an image which can be post straightforwardly to various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc you can even share the screenshot via BBM, email, or just save for later use! Screen Muncher allows you to take a screenshot of each and everything that you see on your BlackBerry Smartphone screen. While taking the screenshot there is munch sound effect, with animation which will vibrate.

 Download Free version of Screen Muncher Download Full version of Screen Muncher for $0.99



Another Screen shot application which can take a Screenshots from your Smart phone with just a push of button, save screenshots in internal memory of memory card of your smart phone with a shutter sound which can be later shared as per your convenience and the most important part it has no time limitation and what’s more do you want in this is a BBM™ Connected application.

 Download Free Version of Screen shot

Download Full Version of Screen shot


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