How to use Built-in Compass in your BlackBerry 7 Smartphone

Ever Got lost? how hard is it to find your destination as per your belief entails you to plead to the God? Perhaps you actually just couldn’t follow the map yourself. In whichever circumstances, there is trust for you BlackBerry 7 Smartphone users out there. The BlackBerry 7 Torch & BlackBerry Bold sequence Smartphones are operational with digital compasses which can intellect the earth’s magnetic field & spot the north pole’s direction.

But how to use this function on our BlackBerry Smartphone? For majority of people, it ought to be either straight on your home screen or in the folder. If there’s no “Compass” icon on your home screen, you don’t need to worry as you can always trust BerryGeeks. Just use the Universal Search function on your BlackBerry Smartphone, and you can find anything.

After discovering this preloaded Application on your BlackBerry device consider opening up this application. You’re ought to see a white color compass, your GPS location and your course you’re pointing comparative to North Pole.

You’ll most expected be asked to regulate your compass that too many time by twisting, rotating and revolving over it roughly a lot. It may take somewhat few seconds to even out by its own, but I discover that doing a back-flip trail by a sideways turn over & do it again as gets it to toil in no time. Once it trembles, it’s all set to go!

Uncomplicated enough? That’s not all and to see its full potential you’ve to use a data connection, you can even find the way to any destination of the world.

Suppose, I’m lost while watching finals of  Euro cup 2012 Spain Vs Italy and I needed to find my way back to the hotel I’m staying in  (for me it possibly will happen). just push the BlackBerry Button for the menu, alternatively press the track-pad button, or you can even tap the compass icon on the screen of your Smartphone. Just select the Destination option called “Set Destination”.

Find the way for yourself to the destination you need to go on the atlas & just decide on a location with the track-pad or the touch-screen of your BlackBerry Smartphone. Opt for the place and to validate it and the compass will be reorganized to direct you in that route. A little blue dot demonstrating the route of your destination and your Problem is solved.


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