BlackBerry App World hits 3 billion downloads

3,000,000,000 download from BlackBerry App world, yes it is three billion download and RIM officially announced it last week. We can expect a sudden increase in the downloads because of BlackBerry Jam World Tour  the RIM is conducting as the developers are trying to get through more and more apps and trying to create something unique for BlackBerry lovers like us.

Who could have imagined that after 1,172 days, launching BlackBerry apps world will cross the milestone of 3 Billion downloads but anyway who cares as a 3 Billion mark is definitely an achievement that too without any third party applications or even without carrier pushed applications. That is mounts close to 2.5 million applications download per day by BlackBerry users around the globe.

At present BlackBerry App world have over 28000 BlackBerry App vendors and more than 90000 BlackBerry applications in total with BlackBerry Smartphone and BlackBerry Playbook, and is expected to go up rapidly at least till the BlackBerry Jam World Tour is still on. This tour is all set for bringing more and more developers all around the world to create magic though their apps designing for the BlackBerry 10. I personally wish RIM heartiest congratulations and achieving this feat that even Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android will be certainly jealous off.

 RIM recently celebrated it’s third anniversary of BlackBerry world in April this year, at that time they were around 2 billion application download mark and this increase of 1 billion apps download in this quarter is more than remarkable performance, It may have been because of BlackBerry Jam World Tour but who can just ignore the fact of much awaited BlackBerry 10.

RIM at this time has over 78 million BlackBerry subscribers & RIM is all prepared to release it BlackBerry 10 in the first quarter next year 2013, this delay was a result in the loss RIM suffered in this quarter, although they recently sold their personal jet as a cost cutting measure what we can do is just celebrate this achievement of RIM.

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