DrawingBoard Pro for the BlackBerry PlayBook

There are certainly are many applications available for BlackBerry Playbook but applications for Painting or drawing stuff are scarcest now a days, but if you are looking for one of such application for your BlackBerry Playbook don’t worry , your wait is over as today I’m going to introduce you to a new application in BlackBerry Apps world “DRWAING BOARD PRO”. This application is very simple, unsophisticated, and easy to use with multiple functions as well as feature that allow the user to draw on & over any image you have in your Media Gallery. This application is bound to provide lots of fun & frolic with satisfying your internal hidden artist to the core.



  • User Friendly Interface – make it less complication for maximum efficiency.
  • Flexible pen size – choice from variable ranges of pen according to their sizes.
  • Adjustable pen opacity – helps you to show impact where you want.
  • Convention pen colors – with variety and different ranges of colors to choose
  • Infinite Undo & Redo – helping you to create that masterpiece at your will.
  • Eraser alternative – Don’t like some thing just erase it freely.
  • Save Picture – JPEG format picture in High, Medium and Low Quality.
  • Background Images – Customs images
  • Background Color – Custom colors with variety of Colors to choose from.



This Application is not designed only for Adults but rather for all age groups including adults as well. As it is very easy to operate, kids can play with it & you can be rest assured that nothing can go wrong. I found this application really simple, easy to operate with simply great interface & trust me it’s been a long time that I had used such application on any platform, and with the option of having some Prank on someone by just drawing some cool stuff on their images to freak them out – certainly priceless. That’s not all it’s only priced at 99 Cents – which makes it even sure that you should go for it cause it’s pocket friendly too.

Click Here to Read More & Download DrawingBoard Pro for BlackBerry Playbook


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