BlackBerry 10 – L-Series & N-Series

BlackBerry 10 is what we are all waiting for, as we anticipate RIM to make an official declaration for the 1st device in August. All the Configurations & details, what can it do with the application it will run on BlackBerry 10 operating system are all out. Although, very little has been acknowledged with reference to the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone device & ultimate physical keyboard. BlackBerry L-Series will be complete touch screen Smartphone device while on the other hand BlackBerry N-Series will be having a physical qwerty keyboard.

The Production these Smartphone devices were in final phase last month & at this time it surely has hit the final production by now. Even though, these smartphone devices are not anymore recognized under those secret code names the BlackBerry L-series & BlackBerry N-series. Following are some of the specifications that we’ve identified.

BlackBerry L-series:

  • Display screen resolution – 768×1280
  • Display screen width – 55mm
  • Display screen Pixels Per Inch (PPI) – 356

Basically, the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha had the screen that was considered almost as perfect but changes will there be in the final production of BlackBerry 10. If you’ve had the chance to use a Dev Alpha, you’ll comprehend the astonishing screen superiority. The BlackBerry 10 L-series which was earlier secretly named as BlackBerry London is sure to win the competition against iPhone4S retina display, but one thing is for sure you might not be able to tell the difference.

Furthermore, the document illustrates the User Interface composition of the BlackBerry L-series.

BlackBerry N-series:

  • Display screen resolution – 720×720
  • Display screen width –  53mm 
  • Display screen Pixels Per Inch (PPI) – 330

The BlackBerry N-series, which was earlier secretly names as Nevada, is ought to be the first BlackBerry 10 device with a QWERTY physical keyboard. This Device will make you to compare it with the BlackBerry BOLD 9900 only appearance wise. The first BlackBerry N-series will be having OLED technology, but afterward RIM may considered to release using LCD display.

As a admirer of BlackBerry devices I’m waiting eagerly to lay my hands on BlackBerry10 as soon as possible, that’s not all as RIM after seeing all this hype of BlackBerry10 might want to cash in the profit by releasing BlackBerry L-series in the market within 4-5 months in year. On the other hand BlackBerry N Series is expected to launch in the first Quarter of year 2013 but all as we can do is to hope for it released earlier than the expected time


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