How to use Universal Search on BlackBerry Devices

Finding information on your BlackBerry smartphone is actually easy with all due credit goes to the Universal Search attribute built into BlackBerry 6 & 7 OS smartphones devices . Universal Search is intended to permit you to search for assist through contacts, documents, files, photos & other details accurately from the BlackBerry smartphone home screen.

Today I will explain how Universal Search mechanism & why everyone should start using this application to facilitate you continue on top of nearly everything! To dig up in progress with Universal Search, all you require to do is initiate typing the search expression on the home screen, or tap on the magnify glass image that emerge on the home screen & then enter that term. While typing your searched word you’ll observe that outcome or results just begin to show up correctly and in real time.

Apart from the search results originated on your BlackBerry devices, you will have the capability to carry out an inclusive search, which permits you to explore across other applications & services. To end a Universal Search, just push the call end key, or push the escape key two times to eliminate the search outcome & move back to the home screen.  If you are having BlackBerry 7 OS device, after clicking on the magnifying glass you’ll observe a microphone logo will show out. Clicking on this logo will let you to carry out a voice search as an alternative of typing a search term. For using voice search, you’ll need to get connected to a wireless network.

To get the most out of Universal Search things you should be aware about – which data sources & comprehensive providers look for will be carrying out against. A data source refers to information stored on your BlackBerry smartphone, while a comprehensive provider is information that you access that isn’t at present stored on your BlackBerry smartphone. For instance, if you are searching for a restaurant, you can type the name in the search box & the Search option will search BlackBerry Maps for the restaurant’s location.

To evaluate & adjust these settings -:

  1. Access Universal Search
  2. Type in term you want to search
  3. Choose Options (1) (in case you are thinking what (1) means to the number of search outcome inside Options)
  4. Now choose Search
  5. Choose the checkboxes for preferred data sources & comprehensive providers
  6. Push the Menu key & opt for Save

The another thing you are supposed to be familiar with is that you have 2 options to access Universal Search if you are using a BlackBerry smartphone with a physical keyboard, for example BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphone.

Thanks for reading the article and please feel free to drop in your comments about your experience here, what more would you like to see more often in this website, what modifications we must do to make this place better.


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    Thanks for your tips. Very useful.

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