Nokia Acquiring Scalado – which is behind Time Wrap camera for BlackBerry10

It was the one of the most talked about & amazing BlackBerry10 feature which all BlackBerry lovers previewed last month at BlackBerry World 2012. The “Time Wrap” concept that was present in camera application, Click here to read more. Even tough it was a demo concept but it established its metal after having applauded & praised by many big names of mobile industry.

Scalado was the company which was working with RIM to feature out this Future camera in its next big launch BlackBerry10. Scalado is a Sweden based company that is accountable for lots of the innovating & revolutionist development in digital imaging in past years. But Nokia Announcement about its future plans to purchase Scalado (Nokia actually wants to buy their developers and technology). This is certainly a big step and Nokia will have to pay a big price too for this take over because Scalado is already in contract with many mobile companies. Nokia perhaps buying for It’s lumia model which is very successful & popular Smartphones for this year.

But for all the BlackBerry fans they don’t have to worry because the “Time Wrap” camera will still be launched with BlackBerry10. This might be a big step for Nokia because combining Nokia, windows phone & Scalado’s technology they can just create something unique which might just give them a benefit to re capture the market again.

As per my knowledge RIM is planning to buy big companies like QNX, TAT, Torch, Tiny Hippos, etc. and they’ve tried to bring applications by these companies & introduced it with BlackBerry10 Smartphone. I wonder why RIM is not planning to buy Scalado, there could be many reasons like – RIM might had already took the best out of Scalado or acquisition may be in progress between nokia & RIM or too expensive, but it was a shock to me “Nokia buying Scalado” because as per the latest news Nokia was firing it’s 10,000 workers & this expensive acquisition might be an another strategy and it would be interesting to see if it works out to be in favor of Nokia.


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