Apple launches iOS 6 but not enough for BlackBerry 10

If you are a even a little bit concern about technology then you must be aware about the World Wide Developers Conference (abbreviated as WWDC) this event is organized by Apple in San Francisco as per the expectation Apple will be showcasing everything. Personally it is suspense on iOS6 that will be releasing here in this summit but for time being Apple has revealed most recent features of iOS6 and they are

  • Phone – introduced a”Do Not Disturb” mode which creates a whitelist of callers that can call & caller on blacklist will receive a text that you’ll be calling them back when free. (This text can also be scheduled)
  • Facebook Integration – Allows posting, notifications, uploading images, & permitting your friends & family to see which applications you have installed.
  • Mail – Mail gets a change with a richer experience (add VIP’s & special contacts)   with video & photo addition.
  • Siri – Through Siri you’ll now be able to start applications, look up videos, book restaurants & sports update (it’s coming in iPad too).
  • FaceTime –Apple ID’s & Phone numbers will now be united, that means any Apple device (iPad, iPhone, Mac) you are it will ring as per you settings.
  • Shared Photo Streams – Photo Streams can be shared with family & friends they will get a notice to when you post up a pic (iCloud also supported).
  • Maps / Turn-By-Turn Navigation – Apple taunts Google introducing their own mapping solution with 3D maps of cities all around world with FlyOver feature.
  • Lost Mode – An addition to “Find My iPhone
  • Guided Access – Block segment of applications so that unintentional taps so that escaping of application does not occur (extended to hardware buttons).
  • Safari – A newer mobile version of Safari is coming with iOS6. Use fullscreen in landscape mode & this browser will also support iCloud features.
  • PassBook – will keep track of passes be it a Flight ticket, Movie Tickets etc. If there is a barcode, it can be scanned & stored in PassBook for future use.

To know more about Apple – iOS6: ClickHere

After knowing all this I’m sure that Apple hasn’t produced anything new in this Operating system but instead it has just updated the older OS with some new features. On the other hand with BlackBerry10 RIM has everything new in its Smartphone, not to forget RIM has challenged everyone to compete with its next Generation smartphone.

This time RIM is going for incredibly new, a little different, while Apple, practically, just brought the updated version of old OS. RIM is looking to put in the Magic Keyboard with a totally new keyboard understanding & more. Remember, apart from the BlackBerry OS, iOS is the oldest mobile platform. This kind of iOS 6 release is like announcement rather than innovation.

I am overwhelmed with the Retina MacBook Pros than I am with iOS 6.

But never the less in my opinion RIM with BlackBerry10 has not so ever threat with Apple iOS6 or even iPhone5. Please Drop in your comments to share your views.


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