BlackBerry Curved Display, Dreams turning into reality-thanks to Corning

As per the Corning declaration at the Society for Information Display’s Display Week (an industry tradeshow in Boston) about their all new “Willow Glass” technology, this will certainly help all the Smartphones, laptops, & even tablet manufacturers to construct devices with curved display. Corning with its Ultra-Slim elastic Glass will help facilitate new, thinner devices & applications that could modernize display manufacturing. So having a flexible glass that is thin, strong & flexible with support of LED would be enough for making any device amazing thanks to Corning & its technology. The Spatiality in this Willow Glass are many for example it’s thin, strong & flexible (flexible to that extent that it could easily be enfold or wrapped all around the device) but that’s not all as this glass also supports OLED & even LED technologies.

Corning Willow Glass will assist creating slim, light weight & cost-effective applications with the smart surfaces of the future. With the flexibility that could be “wrapped” around a device with the capacity of this glass to sustain temperature of up to 500° C.

Corning is presently distributing samples of its Willow Glass to the developers who will be developing new display & touch applications. The company is also working together with research institutions, customers, and equipment makers to develop an ecosystem of compatible process equipment, including optimized process design.

Although originally being underway as highly developed display structure, Corning is enthusiastically working on other possible applications for its Willow Glass. Corning will carry on to expand and get better pioneering glass products to facilitate the high-performance, path-breaking displays that will rule electronics markets in future.

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This is certainly the remarkable technology & I’m sure this will guarantee people for some path breaking technologies for many more years to come. So now you can just sit back, relax & just imagine the gadgets with curve display you can create & how this technology will be used in various products.



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