Twimbow Chooses BlackBerry 10 as their First Mobile Platform

Another Good News for all BlackBerry enthusiasts, Twimbow recently announced that they are at present creating their BlackBerry 10 application & BlackBerry will be the first mobile platform that will get Twimbow application .

Twimbow is twitter client web application that helps users to connect to their Social network of friends more efficiently by systematizing & enriching their online communication. Twimbow uses the most up-to-date technologies available with lightning fast graphic user interface consisting of Html5 and CSS3, the wonderful JQuery & the core is made in PHP , certainly last but not the least, a Node.js server to deal with all live connections.

Twimbow uses many vibrant colors to make it easier for people to interact & communicate with family & friends, filter groups, grasp significant tweets in the middle of the other not so important tweets, make a distinction between different types of messages. At present Twimbow is available via web & they have decided to launch this application & be a part of BlackBerry 10 as their first mobile platform.

Twimbow lists many reasons for choosing BlackBerry 10 over Android or iOS.

  • BlackBerry 10 is the open OS for Smartphones (Proficient of running Android applications as well)
  • HTML 5 performances is far more superior than both Android & iOS combines with outstanding & rich interface which enhance the device performance.
  • Launching its first application in BlackBerry App world during the blackberry 10 launch will be huge & surely can enhance their brand value.
  • Many Countries such as Indonesia (top daily & registered users) are important for Twimbow as well as BlackBerry.

Check out this video of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device running Twimbow application & since it’s in developing phase so just wait & watch when it’ll be developed fully & released in BlackBerry App World .  Thankyou for reading this article & please feel free to drop by your comments.


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