Flipboard now available for BlackBerry Playbook

Flipboard is social network services format application software for Android and iOS but however luckily BlackBerry PlayBook users can run this application onto their PlayBook.

Flipboard Application accumulates the content of social media & other websites and presents it in magazine layout which permit users to turn over “through their social-networking feeds or updates & feeds from websites that have united with the company. Initially intended exclusively for the iPad, in December 2010, this Flipboard application was restructured to add support for the iPhone & iPod Touch. On May 5th 2012, it was declared that Flipboard would be released for selected Android phones & commencement begins with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and lately been made accessible for all Android devices.

Flipboard is really an unique application for iPhone & iPad & I’m very pleased to see Flipboard application for Android devices, but If you are having a  BlackBerry Playbook tablet don’t worry luckily as you must be knowing that BlackBerry PlayBook can run Android applications as well (just conversion is necessary).

I really loved this Flipboard application & was really impressed with the graphical user interface & the things what it can perform. I managed to get the downloaded links for BlackBerry PlayBook. Please find a link below & which is converted to BAR from Android version which was kindly published at XDA developers forum.

1st Method

To download Flipboard for BlackBerry PlayBook: ClickHere

To download Older version of Flipboard: ClickHere

2nd Method

Learn to load Android Applications on BlackBerry Playbook

Please Feel free to share your views & thought about Flipboard application. Do you like using it? Weren’t u amazed by the graphic user interface & the million things it can perform & yet handy at all the times


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  1. #1 by Milo Couey on November 10, 2012 - 6:52 PM

    Cool app never heard of it, but defininetly have to try it.

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