Facebook Planning to buy RIM to build up Smartphone – says Ex-Nokia Manager

As per marketing specialist “Paul Amsellem”, after Instagram & Facebook camera , Facebook is planning to enter into the hardware business & this will be done by taking over the BlackBerry Smartphones creator Research In Motion for developing it’s own smartphone devices. This is all because Facebook is under severe pressure from all its investors as well as marketing people for the need of a long term project. Facebook needs to do something special & unique so that it can present its own rules & regulation while dealing with market movers giants like Apple & Google rules with regards to application development said “Amsellem” the COO of Mobile Network group.

Paul Amsellem an Ex General manager at Nokia & at present the Chief Operating Officer of Mobile Network Group in France thinks that now a day the Social Network organizations (like facebook, twitter, myspace etc.) are really under pressure to satisfy users as well as investor at the same time & think that Smartphone devices are the only key for long term development. Paul Amsellem added that this deal between Facebook & Research In Motion could be a win-win situation primarily due to BBM & NFC. Research in Motion is already a big name in the chatting segment due to all famous BBM aka BlackBerry Messenger which can easily combine with Facebook Chat & with all the mobile payments through a Facebook Smartphone will absolutely give the push it needs adds Amsellem.

Buying a company like Research In Motion, which is one of the tough competitors for Apple iOS & Android due to it’s most awaited BlackBerry10 could be considered as purely imaginative but Facebook is surely taking into consideration its own entry into hardware game due to some features lacking in its current business model as its starting looking unsustainable with more than 80 % of revenue coming from advertising but as per expectations every month nearly half of the total 901 million users are logging in on Facebook though their smartphones though mobile applications which are advertisements free which will definitely hamper the revenue as well as profit.

What do you think about this deal, is it possible? What would be your reaction if Facebook buys RIM, what more Facebook should do to increase its revenue or what more things Facebook should consider before entering into this deal, will RIM be getting enough advantage after collaborating with Facebook. So many questions are there & only time can tell these answers but till then feel free to comment on the box below & share your thoughts with all the readers.


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