Even iOS users wants BlackBerry 10

While everyone is enjoying the release of much anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIII & waiting for Apple iPhone 5 , but masses are on the edge of their seats waiting for BlackBerry 10  for the release & eyes wide open in eagerness of getting any glimpse of this new Operating System . We were lucky enough for getting some demos of this OS at BlackBerry World 2012 summit.

The leaked video of BlackBerry OS 10 showed what exactly we could expect from this much anticipated device. There is BlackBerry flavored themes for iPhones which looks appealing & charming & will virtually turn an iPhone device into a BlackBerry 10 device but for now we all have to wait for the real thing “BlackBerry 10 device”.

There was an earlier video also where we saw  iPhone trying to copy the BlackBerry 10 Keyboard Magic ClickHere to watch . For me BlackBerry 10 will be the best because the buzz is in the market & everyone is surely waiting for RIM to launch this device, It’s not about the users infact big companies like Samsung & Apple too are looking for stealing the magic of BlackBerry 10 but no one can .

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