Explore in the Outer Space with Stellarium

 Night is all about beauty of the sky filled with stars & twinkling towards us as if they are saying something to you, Sometimes at night i usually lie down & stare towards the sky looking into the stars – as most of you must be aware of this fact till know that i’m not a genius that can figure it out what star it is our from which constellation it is or is that any planet. Of course I can figure out quite a few like Orion, Cassiopeia & the Great Bear etc but what about the most ambiguous ones how can i determine which pattern of stars belong to which constellation or what importance does it have or is it somehow related to zodiac study etc. BlackBerry PlayBook & it’s new application Stellarium is your answers to all the question related to Astronomy star map.

 So now the question arises how does this application works – this application works in a unique fashion by using device GPS & then on board compass to identify your position even with where you’re looking at.

Special features

  • Realistic rendering of millions of stars and planets
  • Global Positioning System  & magnetometer for automatic location detection
  • Asterisms and descriptions of the various constellations with equatorial grids
  • Realistic images
  • Celestial search with influential zoom

In short after installing Stellarium on your BlackBerry PlayBook you’ll be having pragmatic sky in 3D just as the telescopic view which is certainly ideal for astronomy devotee. All the further updates will be free but it’s after you download it from BlackBerry Application World for just $1.99, for this price Stellarium is surely a bargain with it’s features & lifetime updates free just don’t think & grab this opportunity.

To know more or to Download Stellarium : Click Here


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