Mr. Patrick Spence – RIM’s Global Sales Head Resigns

RIM’s Global Sales Head, Patrick Spence will be leaving RIM after a continuous & long service of 14 years. Yes it is a major change and this news has been confirmed by RIM to Wall Street Journal. Mr. Patrick S pence will be joining different industry on a top management position.

This vacant position of Global sales head will be under the reporting of newly appointed Chief Operating Officer Mr. Kristian tear who was former Ex. Vice President of Sony Mobile Communications who will be joining RIM in a while but till then this department will not be remaining vacant as till then all the reporting will be under RIM CEO Thorsten Heins.

Mr. Patrick Spence joined RIM in the year 1998 & played a major role in the Launch of Inter@ctive Pager 950 & soon will be taking up a new role in some leading industry but he’ll always be remembered as a man with great skills, helped RIM to achieve a new position in the world, maintained brand level & his departure will be seen as a loss. The reason is not disclosed  but what i think is that he was either expecting a COO position at RIM but Thorsten hire someone from outside or he was getting a good offer from somewhere else , but anyway his stay was great & was really helpful .

Farewell Mr. Patrick Spence you’re the reason what BlackBerry is today. Thankyou .


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